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2nd Scottish Black Talent Summit & Hiring Fair 2023

Following a successful 1st edition of The Scottish Black Talent Summit, we’re excited to announce the 2nd Edition, of the Summit which will happen on 30 – 31 October 2023 – ONLINE and IN-PERSON @ EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND. It is a two-day hiring and summit designed to host Black Talent, Talent Acquisition and HR professionals, Diversity and Inclusion experts, industry players, Government and Local authorities’ representatives, as well as University communities. The 1st annual Scottish Black Talent Summit was fun, and below are some highlights: ➡️ 1st Summit Highlights: https://youtu.be/s3D4h9Yo2JE ➡️ 1st Summit Feedbacks : https://youtu.be/PfUdPF70XJ8 We believe leveraging the Scottish Black Talent Pool is vital for fostering diversity of perspectives, driving innovation, and gaining a competitive edge. By tapping into a diverse range of skills and experiences, organisations can address skills gaps and create a more inclusive workforce. We’ll be revealing the line-up of speakers, moderators, exhibitors, sponsors and partners. Regarding content, in the broader geostrategic framework, the following array of topics and activities will be addressed: ➡️ Professional Headshots for Black Talent ➡️ Pathways to Success in Scotland Job Market: Insight from Black Talent Mentors ➡️ CV & Interview Techniques Workshops ➡️ Hiring Fair ➡️ Unlocking Possibility Together: Workforce of the Future ➡️ Identifying & Accessing Untapped Talent ➡️ Best Practices for hiring, developing and retaining Untapped Talent ➡️ The role of Black Talent in driving innovation & competitive advantage ➡️ Immigration Pathways & Opportunities ➡️ Social Mobility & DEI Strategy as a driver for bridging the gap ➡️ Bridging the Gap between HR, Recruiters, Talent Acquisition Leaders & Untapped Talent Pool The summit brings together influential leaders from various sectors to explore the latest trends, insights, and solutions involved in closing the talent gap in Scotland. Exhibitor Opportunities We are seeking exhibitors for this summit. We have packages designed to enable exhibitors to take advantage of networking benefits as well as visibility opportunities. Get in touch with our team to discuss exhibition and visibility opportunities at info@thedatakirk.org.uk . Get in touch If you have any thoughts about what you’d like to see at the summit, we’d love to hear them, email info@thedatakirk.org.uk


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