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Nordic Data Science and Machine Learning Summit 2022

š€š‹š‹ šŽšš’šˆš“š„ š“šˆš‚šŠš„š“š’ š€š‘š„ š’šŽš‹šƒ šŽš”š“ Only for Attendees joining from Sweden The Nordic Data Science and Machine Learning Summit is an annual event bringing together the Data Science and Machine Learning community in the Nordics to share ideas and discuss ways to harness the full potential of Advanced Analytics and AI as well as explore the development and the maturity of Data Science and AI as a function. With domestic and international speakers on stage, interactive panel discussion and plenty of learning and networking activities in the exhibition area, the Nordic Data Science and Machine Learning Summit is the place to be for all professionals and organizations working with utilization of Data Science, Machine and Deep Learning to innovate and improve their business. All hybrid packages include full onsite and online access, access to the official event platform, additional online-only content, and 5-week post-event on-demand period. Group Price applies for groups from 2 to 4 people. Branded Price applies for a group of 5 people and more. In the Branded package is included also branding of the company as a supporting organization on all digital and printed event materials. šˆš¦š©šØš«š­ššš§š­:ā€‹ šš«š¢šœšžš¬ šš¢š¬š©š„ššš²šžš ššš«šž š¢š§šœš„š®šš¢š§š  š•š€š“ According to the Swedish Tax Regulation (DNR 131 209264316/111), international customers are not obliged to pay VAT for conferences in Sweden. VAT still applies to Swedish customers. 1.Please choose the right ticket option to avoid any request for additional payment. 2.Kindly use corporate email id registration. Private emails are not accepted. 3.Online and Bundle tickets listed here are not applicable for Solution Providers, Technology Providers, Consultants, and Recruitment Companies offering services in Data Analytics, Science, ML, etc. 4.Delegates registered to NDSML Summit have free access to Data Confession party on 22nd November. 5.Party Ticket offers access to Data Confession Party only Included in the fee 2 drink tickets. Please contact our Sales Director Kenan Bouzo for further information. Tel. 0046 (0) 73 761 8338 kenan.bouzo@hyperight.com


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