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Wednesday, 15 March 2023 at 08:30


With regards to the successful 2nd edition of The European Chatbot & Conversational AI, we are hereby excited to announce the 3rd Edition. 3rd edition of The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit will be a 2days conference and exhibition designed to host Industry Executives, Adopters of Conversational AI Chatbots, Virtual assistant, Voice technology, Conversational Commerce and Conversational design. The 2nd Edition of The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit was Exceptional with engaging content of more than: 60 Excellent speakers Over 2000 registered attendees from more than- 30 different countries and 30 Expo booths. We believe Conversational AI will transform millions of lives in Europe. Our goal is to help build a better Ecosystem in Europe. We do this by bringing together the leading Professionals and Organisations who design, build, and market Conversational AI to attend and network together. Soon, we will introduce Conversational AI leading mind Speakers to you. Another update we would be bringing to your table is the 2023 AGENDA . Our speakers will share innovative projects, strategies, outcomes, challenges, new methodologies, or findings with industry peers. The different stages of Conversational AI in Europe following the 2023 AGENDA are; CONVERSATIONAL AI FUTURE STAGE : This the stage when answers will be given to most frequently asked questions about Conversational AI. Questions like; 1. What stage is Conversational AI currently & Trends ? 2. Where is Conversational AI heading? 3. What is the impact to the society and business ? APPLIED CONVERSATIONAL AI STAGE : This is a stage where you learn from companies who already use Conversational AI solutions. In this stage you will learn how Conversational AI is applied to real-life cases. You get use cases and Practices from Conversational AI vendors , enterprises solution and strategies . Conversational AI startup and investors will share their experiences as well. CONVERSATIONAL AI RESEARCH STAGE: This stage is where you discover the most innovative and newest research results. CONVERSATIONAL AI DEEP DIVE WORKSHOPS ; This is the stage where you get to learn from experts.They will educate, create awareness, and discuss how to build chatbots with you. The European Chatbot & Conversational AI summit brings together decision-makers from across industries to explore the latest research, tools, and services involved in the global conversational AI Ecosystem. You will get to hear from the top Enterprises & Brands using Conversational AI, and also speakers from the Top Bot and voice technologies to discover how Enterprises are using Conversational AI to decrease costs and increase Revenues. We will explore latest trends of what has been working and how you can use it in your company. You can register now in person or online with a large network of conversational AI industry experts, and partake in one of the biggest Conversational AI events of the year. The programme is structured so that everyone would find the right format and stage for their interests. The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit – Events for leading minds in Conversational AI. CONTACT THE EUROPEAN CHATBOT LTD COMPANY. REG. NO. SC701150 ADDRESS: FAIRFIELD GARDENS EH106UP Tel. +44 7459112746 chatbot@theeuropeanchatbot.com https://theeuropeanchatbot.com/



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