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If you want to be on waiting list - send email to us : chatbot@theeuropeanchatbot.com The 3rd Edition of The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit is one of the European's top international conferences and networks that is promoting the use of conversational AI in Europe. The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit is a two-day networking event that bring together visionary speakers, researchers , the industry-wide executives and adopters of Conversational AI, cutting-edge chatbots, and conversational AI technology providers to facilitate a discussion on the latest trends, future innovations, policies, and regulations in the conversational AI space. We have personally connected more than 3000 professionals from more than 1000 organisations in more than 20 countries . This has improved education and fostered beneficial collaboration. In order to create a better ecosystem, we hope to change millions of people's lives through conversational AI. Discover how businesses are adopting Conversational AI to cut costs and boost profits by hearing from leading brands and businesses that are implementing it, as well as speakers from the top bots & voice technologies. We will explore the latest trends, use cases, what is working best and how you can apply it to your company. Register now in person or online to network with a bunch of conversational AI industry experts and partake in one of the biggest and best CAI events of the year. We structure the program so everyone finds the right format and stage for their interests. 2 Days. 3 Regions. 1 Event. The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit – Events for leading minds in Conversational AI. CONTACT: THE EUROPEAN CHATBOT Tel. +44 7459112746 chatbot@theeuropeanchatbot.com https://theeuropeanchatbot.com/


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