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From small internal meetings to large trade shows

Easy to build hyper engaging event application

Free starter access - up to 300 attendees per event



Live stream your multi-session event to the app and web

The only meeting and event app you will ever need for every occasion

Conferences and exhibitions

Customer and partner events

Small seminars and trainings

Kick-offs and internal meetings

Tours and tournaments


You don't have to think anymore if you can afford having an app for your next event. No matter if you are setting up a small internal seminar or a large scale exhibition with thousands of visitors, Agorify is your new secret weapon for providing a truly amazing digital experience.

You don't need a pricing plan to get started with Agorify - Just start! - It's free!

Check-In + Early Access + Premium Features
Welcome to Agorify - Your Event Companion

1. Free to use
powerful meeting and event tool

Register for the Early Access package and start building your first event. All the core features you ever going to need to create an amazing event app experience are already included in the Early Access package. The Early Access package is free but limited for 300 visitors per event. The number of events you can create per year is unlimited for the early adopters of Agorify. Agorify is a 100% Do It Yourself and Simple to Use Meeting and Event App.


Here is what is included

Event check-in

Event ticket distribution

Check-in scanner

In app ticket access

Attendee segmentation

Real time check-in report

Badge maker

Program & Content

Event schedule timetable

Track customization

Schedule content filter

Personalized agenda planner

Next session reminder

Session notes

Interactive floormap

Information pages

Networking & profile

Attendee list

Filter or search attendees

Schedule meetings

Group discussions

Private chat

Attendee user profiles

Attendee event timeline

User photo upload

Exhibitors & Sponsors

Exhibitor dashboard

Exhibitor listing

Organisation page

Mobile badge scanner

Lead retrieval and export

Create sales teams

Team activity reporting

Lead notes


Push notifications

Attendee arrival notification


Online documentation

Email support

Online community support

Activate your early access account and start creating your first event now.

2. Registration, Check-in
& Badge Maker

Some of you don't need an event app, or you already have one. What you are missing is highly effective registration and check in system for your events, seminars, conferences, social gatherings, concerts, internal meetings or kickoffs. Agorify Check-in solution enables you to create a seamless manual or self registration, check-in and badge printing experience that your customers would be amazed by.

  • Add attendees

    Import or create a list of visitors attending your event.

  • Send tickets and notifications

    Send attendees their tickets or email reminder before or during their visit.

  • Badge Maker

    With Agorify you can generate badges for your attendees. The badges are auto generated and can be exported as a PDF file with bleed marks.

  • Check In

    Welcome your visitors with a smooth check-in process. Check in attendees as they arrive.


3. Add-on Features
& Upgrades

Prices start at €49

Some of the features in Agorify are locked and not included in the Early Access package. You can unlock each individual add-on feature from your admin panel by purchasing the item you need.


Gone are the days of

Event apps available only to large event organisers and corporations.

Expensive Event App solutions with thousands of dollars price tag hindering you from providing a great event app experience to your visitors.

Event Management Tools and Event Apps with no monetisation model and incentive for organisers, exhibitors, speakers and visitors.

Overcomplicated admin dashboards rigid to real time updates and user notifications.

Long registration check-in and badge printing queues

Messy multi-day or multi-stage schedule that no one understands

Having an event app that does not satisfies your Exhibitor and Sponsor demands

Not knowing who is in the room or when your speaker or VIP guest has checked in

It’s time for a new way – one that will not only let you plan and build simple, beautiful, highly engaging, and free event apps that will amplify your customer satisfaction, but also one that will enable you to increase your event experience and revenue.

Activate your early access account and start creating your first event now.