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Agorify is the leading True Hybrid self-service technology helping you connect your onsite and online event experience in one single platform.

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“True Hybrid event is a conference, exhibition, seminar, concert or any other meeting where participants can partake, choose between, or instantly and effortlessly switch from, onsite to online event experience without losing any event feature or benefit.”

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Kiril Seravall
CEO, Agorify

Create flexible, scalable and profitable hybrid events

Agorify is an event management platform that could be used by any event organization, agency or venue center that aims to quickly transition from hosting onsite events to hosting online and hybrid events, or for those that are simply looking to increase their revenue by monetizing and adding digital event features to their existing physical services.

All-in-one event platform

Use Agorify to connect all your physical and digital event features in one single platform.

Registration & Ticketing

Easy to set up registration and ticketing solutions that your clients can use to manage delegate registrations and revenue. In addition, it is fully connected to the other capabilities in the platform.

Check-in & Badge Printing

Connect the event platform with the onsite cost-effective physical check-in and badge printing hardware to provide the smoothest self check-in registration event experience.

Scanning & Lead generation

Connect the onsite physical badge scanning and the online contact sharing and help exhibitors gather all their leads in one place.

Schedule meetings

Get the visitors to book 1-2-1 meetings and provide them the opportunity to choose between meeting onsite or online via the app.

Exhibitor Admin Page

Give all exhibitors the power to control and manage their online and onsite lead generation and their staff in real-time.

Mobile & Web Event App

Provide visitors easy access to the event platform from any device, mobile or web.

AV Live Streaming

Plan and schedule pre-recorded and live stream sessions. Easily connect your onsite AV technology with Agorify and turn your venue into live stream studio.


Provide an easy-to-navigate and personalized event schedule with the flexibility to access and edit at any point in time.

For event organizers and agencies

How to monetize True Hybrid events

Hybrid events are a perfect opportunity for you as an event organizer to grow your audience, enlarge your event and increase revenue while providing an event experience that will satisfy both your onsite and online visitors. From small internal events to large exhibitions, festivals and tradeshows, Agorify equip you with a simple and automated toolkit that fuses your onsite and online format into one platform. Thus, it provides you with ultimate flexibility and control of your event execution.

Grab a copy of the Agorify Hybrid Event Monetization Guideline and learn how to start organizing your first True Hybrid Event with Agorify today.

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For Meeting & Convention Venue Centers

How to connect your physical venue with the digital world

Imagine if you can increase your revenue by helping your clients provide true hybrid event experience in your venue, with an investment as low as training your staff in one event hybrid platform. Sounds too good to be true? Well, Agorify can indeed help you in achieving exactly that! With our Agorify M&C Venue Center Program, we equip you with the insight and the skillset how to connect Agorify to your physical venue equipment and start to offer your clients an incredible new hybrid event service that will spear you ahead of your competition and equip you for the new era of hybrid events.

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Boost your event experience.Start using Agorify today.

Boost your customer event experience and increase your revenue by monetizing and adding digital event features to your existing physical event services.

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