Free event app for outstanding event experience

Harness our feature-rich event app and provide visitors with an interactive agenda, speaker list, exhibitor directory, and seamless networking opportunities. Elevate attendee engagement and make your event unforgettable. Join our free event app today!

Event Agenda
Build an interactive digital event agenda and allow attendees to easily bookmark sessions and customize their schedule.
Exhibitor directory
List a wide range of exhibitors to increase their branding visibility and help attendees discover new business opportunities.
Speaker List
Showcases an impressive lineup of speakers, giving attendees access to their bios, session details, and presentation materials
Provide attendees with an enhanced range of networking tools to optimize community building and meaningful connections.
Interactive floor plan
Design an interactive floor plan for easy and quick venue navigation for all event participants.
Attendee list
Maximize the attendee experience and opportunity for more like-minded connections by providing them an overview of who else is attending.

Boost networking and engagement

Make it easy for your attendees to create new connections. Harness our free event app's top-tier networking capabilities such as session specific Q&A, topic based discussions groups and private messaging to create an exclusive event community.

Event Agenda Builder

Empower your event with a digital agenda filled with detailed information about speakers and sessions. Let attendees use filter features to find sessions easily and create their own personalized agenda by bookmarking them. Say goodbye to wasted paper and hello to an agenda that can be changed at any time.

Branding for exhibitors

Amplify your exhibitors' branding visibility through our free event app's marketing banners and download materials. Promote their offerings effectively and list their sales representatives for easy connections and meeting bookings.

Interactive floor plan

Create an interactive digital floor map accessible through our free event app, allowing attendees to easily locate event areas, exhibitors, and sessions, enhancing their overall experience.

Agorify free event app with an interactive floor plan

Profile for each participant

With Agorify each participant can create their own account and access features tailored to their specific role and needs during the event - organizer, attendee, speaker or exhibitor. They can upload images, share contact details, collect event tickets and keep networking with contacts.

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