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Accelerating accessibility to event technology since 2018

The idea behind Agorify

Agorify's journey started in 2018 with the idea to make event technology available for all events regardless of size and budget.

We initially started with an event self check-in and badge printing solution that provides fast and smooth registration experience to attendees. However, after a lot of brainstorming and strategic planning, we developed an all-in-one event management platform and mobile app that can fully support three event formats: onsite, virtual and hybrid.

Our mission

Having the name inspired by the ancient word “Agora” which was used to refer to the central public space in ancient Greek city-states, our mission is to be a “digital agora” that can help event organizers execute any type of event, including complex and large-scale events, in a simple and cost-effective way.

Our vision

We have envisioned a future in which event participants will partake, choose between, or instantly and effortlessly switch from, onsite to virtual event experience without losing any event feature or benefit. Our event app serves as an extension of the onsite experience and aims to contribute to a whole new value proposition.

At the core, we are a group of event enthusiasts, streaming platform architects, monetization advisers, and event marketing practitioners that aspire to make a difference and reshape the way attendees, speakers and exhibitors experience meetings and events.

Agorify's Core Values


As a team, we are fully committed to our customers and we always aim to provide them with a superior user experience and full support at any step of their customer journey.


Being the polar opposite of fear, boldness has helped us to position our brand as a True Hybrid Event platform pioneer in the event industry and ever since we decided to continue embracing boldness and let it accelerate our development.


Our love for the event industry and technology have fused together in order to create innovation which is what we consider to be our key driver towards accomplishing our ambition to revolutionize the way people attend and experience events.


Accountability glues commitment to performance, responsibility, empathy, and honesty and as a team, we embrace it in every task we undertake.


Simplicity is not only the ultimate sophistication, but it is also a time-saver and time is priceless. Therefore, we devoted ourselves to considering simplicity as a synonym of practicality and allow it to guide us in every innovation we make.

Team Work

The synergy in our team is the foundation of our achievements. We believe that teamwork amplifies creativity and accelerates the journey to success.

The world's most innovative brands use Agorify to execute their events

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