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Maximize your exhibitors success with our lead generation tool

Empower exhibitors to connect, generate leads, promote and close deals with our in-app lead generation solution.

Unlimited badge scanners
Equip your exhibitors with unlimited lead retrieval badge scanners to accelerate the onsite lead capture process, ensuring higher attendee booth retention and increased engagement.
Lead pre-qualification
With Agorify, exhibitors can easily pre-qualify leads by leaving notes and ratings on each contact, simplifying follow-ups and boosting conversion rates.
Real-time lead reporting
Provide exhibitors with real-time performance insights, enabling them to adjust their sales strategies on the fly and maximize their success at your event.
Exhibitor e-booth
Extend exhibitors’ reach with e-booths where they can upload branding and marketing materials, enhancing visibility and driving lead generation efforts.
Exhibitor directory
Enrich your event agenda by listing all exhibitors in a comprehensive directory, adding value and making the event more attractive for attendees and potential leads.
Flexible Lead Export
Allow exhibitors to export leads in bulk or enable individual sales representatives to export their own leads, providing flexibility and control over data management to optimize follow-up activities.

See How Agorify's Event Badge Scanner Works

Unlock the power of seamless networking: Discover how our badge scanner effortlessly captures leads, enhances attendee engagement, and boosts your event's success. Watch the video now to experience a smarter, more effective way to manage and track event interactions.

Event badge scanners for lead generation

Provide exhibitors with our built-in lead retrieval tool to quickly, easily and effortlessly scan the badges of consenting attendees who visit their booth on the venue.

Downloadable marketing materials

Let exhibitors attach marketing materials in a digital form on their Agorify ebooth for easy download and boost their onsite lead generation strategy virtually. No paper waste and extra money spent on printed materials!

Branding and digital marketing

Promote your exhibitors digitally through the app with marketing banners. List sales representatives so attendees can easily connect and book meetings with them.

Live lead reporting

Give your exhibitors and sponsors access to view the performance of their sales team in real time in order for them to adjust their sales strategy accordingly and increase the revenue.

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