Lightning-Fast Onsite Event Badge Printing with Agorify Kiosk

Simplify your event entry: On-demand event badge printing for a seamless attendee experience.

Self Check-In:
Attendees can independently scan their tickets for a quick check-in. This process eliminates the need for manual entry, speeding up entry times and reducing queues.
On-Demand Badge Printing:
Badges are printed in real-time while attendees are checking-in. This ensures each badge is up-to-date and personalized with the attendee's personal information, affiliation, and a QR code for easy identification and networking.
Last-Minute Changes:
The system accommodates changes right up to the start of the event. Attendee information can be updated on the spot, ensuring all badges are accurate and current, even for last-minute registrants.
Real-Time Reporting:
Event organizers can instantly see who has checked in. This information is crucial for managing attendance, security, and understanding attendee flow, helping to optimize event logistics.
Reduce Manual Work:
There's no need for pre-printing badges. This cuts down on preparatory work, reduces printing costs, and minimizes waste, making the process more efficient and environmentally friendly.
Fast and Easy Setup:
The system is designed for easy integration. It requires minimal technical skills to set up, ensuring a smooth start of your event without the need for extensive training or preparation.

Watch Agorify Kiosk in Action

Experience the future of event registration: Discover how our on-demand badge printing streamlines check-ins, cuts down waiting times, and elevates your event's professionalism. Watch the video now for a smoother, faster, and more efficient registration process.

Boost your team's efficiency

Eliminate manual work and streamline the badging process. With Agorify Kiosk, you can print event badges onsite in a matter of seconds, speeding up reprints if needed and avoiding wasting time printing badges for attendees who didn't make it to the event.

Let attendees check-in on the fly

First impressions are irretrievable. Leave a good one - eliminate boring waiting lines at the reception and save time. Enable attendees to check-in to your event in only a few seconds! Get real-time data on the total number of checked-in attendees.

Create personalized event badges

Create branded event badges fast and easy with Agorify's free badge maker. Customize badges with your event's logo, attendee names, affiliations, job titles, QR code and more - all with just a few clicks.

Supports a variety of badge papers and formats

With Agorify Kiosk, you can provide attendees with the badges you have envisioned for your event. Its up-to-date on-demand printing technology allows you to choose from a variety of badge papers and formats.

Make last-minute changes effortlessly

Your brand's image matters and is directly linked to the success of your next events. Avoid misprinted event badges by making last-minute changes to attendee contact details whenever needed.

Real-time attendance tracking

Agorify's Kiosk equips you with accurate and real-time tracking information about the exact number of checked-in attendees, allowing you to monitor your event's attendance live.

Multi-date events support

Agorify Kiosk offers the flexibility to reprint event badges for subsequent dates and enables multiple check-ins eligibility, ensuring seamless support for multi-date events.

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