Free event badge maker for all your events

Create branded event badges for all your attendees and have them print-ready in seconds.

Create your event badges

Design unique event badges in no time with Agorify's free badge maker. Customize badges with your event's logo, attendee names, affiliations, job titles, and more - all with just a few clicks. Streamline badge creation and make a lasting impression at your next event with Agorify.

Customize and export

Use our free event badges to customize event badges for all your attendees in just a few minutes. Select your preferred badge size, adjust margins and spacing, and export all unique badges as a single PDF, ready for printing and cutting. Simplify badge creation and ensure a cohesive and polished look for your event with our badge maker.

Import or register attendees with Agorfify

Import your existing attendee list or let attendees directly register for your event through Agorify. Remove queues and speed up the badgeging process by printing your event badges onsite and on-demand.

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