Interviews11 Prominent Event Professionals Predicting Event Industry Trends for 2024

The landscape of event technology is ever-evolving, and as we are entering 2024, industry experts are sharing their insights on the key trends that will shape the future of events. From AI advancements to the rise of hybrid events, professionals in the field are predicting significant shifts. Let's delve into the thoughts of some prominent event professionals and explore their forecasts for the event and event technology industry trends in 2024.

Bridget B. Sullivan on Studio-Quality Broadcasts and Virtual Engagement

Bridget B. Sullivan

Adopting the best technology to produce studio-quality broadcasts will be key, and it will be wise to incorporate tools virtual attendees can use in real-time to keep them engaged. Polls won't cut it all the time. As for VR with headsets and AR, certain events will be very well suited for this technology, especially with this year's announcement about Apple Vision Pro. I hesitate a little bit on the headsets due to slow adoption amongst certain age groups.

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Nick Borelli on AI's Impact on Competition

Nick Borelli

New players using AI will be able to enter the scene and gain competitive ground faster. This will increase pressure to innovate.

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Anca Platon Trifan on the Tech-Driven, Inclusive, and Mindful Future of the Event Tech Industry

Anca Platon Trifan

IMHO, in 2024, the event industry will see:

  • AI Advancements with continued growth in AI-driven event tech, with more personalized experiences and predictive analytics.
  • Hybrid Events becoming the norm, blending virtual and in-person elements for wider reach, and they shall be called simply EVENTS.
  • Mental & Physical Fitness with an elevated focus on eventprofs' mental and physical wellness, promoting work-life balance and well-being. Why we're passionate about that Fit Mindful Mavens.
  • Greater emphasis on sustainable practices, reducing environmental impact.
  • Immersive Tech: AV/AI + AR/VR = engaging experiences. You heard it from me first.

My hopeful prediction is that our industry's future will be tech-driven, inclusive, and mindful of well-being.

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Leanne Calderwood on Professionals Valuing Their Worth

Leanne Calderwood

Meeting and event professionals took a beating in 2023 being overworked and expected to deliver events under tight timelines. I feel the conversation in 2024 will ramp up around how professionals value their own worth, and how they protect their health against demanding clients. Professionals will no longer tolerate abuse, and accept demanding hours and low pay as par for the course.

They will reposition how they bid on events, no longer giving away their intellectual property in the proposal stage.

Professionals will restructure budgets to accommodate compensating speakers fairly for their contributions. All in the name of knowing one's worth.

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Matthew Byrne on Industry Maturity and Technology Adoption

Matthew Byrne

There will be more maturity in the industry in 2024, I think. As we have grown the industry and it has taken a greater role in the economy, we will all feel the same pressures. Economic factors like inflation, job markets, supply chain issues are going to continue, and event professionals across the industry will need to really communicate their value, position their worth and understand the strategic impact events have on the market.

Those who understand and embrace technology will thrive and those that are sticking to non-measurable results will continue to struggle.

I am working on a guide to the market for 2024 that I cannot wait to share in more detail.

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Goran Cvetanovski, Founder and CEO at Hyperight, on Hyper-Personalization Through AI

Goran Cvetanovski

Hyper-personalization on a grand scale using AI in every process of event management- all to deliver perfect traditional execution of the event because people and relationships matter and will prevail to be the number one reason why people attend events.

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Robert Kenward on the Evolution of Internal Communications

Robert Kenward

Internal communications will overtake old-style, face-to-face events. Technology will support as part of the industry rather than the end of anything, and companies will recruit more managers than leaders.

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Francesca Rodriguez Balit's Event Marketing Predictions

Francesca Rodriguez Balit
  • Tailored user journeys on your website will be key. If you want to boost conversions and registrations on your event website, craft detailed user journeys for your audience.
  • Video content will only get shorter, and TikTok isn't just for fun—it's a B2B event marketing powerhouse.
  • AI is going to creep deeper into our marketing teams and we must be ready to master its potential.
  • Content will remain king, but quality will rule. Focus on delivering valuable content to your audience. Quality. Over. Quantity.

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Melissa Deslauriers on Balancing Tech and Human Element

Melissa Deslauriers

AI will certainly play a role in events. Whether it is for research, branding, or helping teams gain a step up. Yet even with the best tech around, events will need to continue to focus on the human element. Curating events that allow us to connect, learn, and be authentic with each other (hey word of 2023 I don't see you going far anytime soon!) This will also push those planning events to work even more closely with their partners/suppliers to truly understand what each other needs. Lines on a spreadsheet won't cut it anymore, creativity and progress will. Let's move forward not back.

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Anna-Marie Trzebinski on Shifting Incentives

Anna-Marie Trzebinski

Incentives moving away from the 'insta moment' and more to the off-beaten track for open space, fresh air, and more of the real cultural experience!

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What is Agorify's Co-founder and CEO, Kiril Seravall's Event Tech Industry Prediction for 2024?

Kiril Seravall

As we step into 2024, the landscape of event technology is evolving from experimental to essential. Last year marked a significant shift in the event industry, with organizers carefully evaluating which tech stacks truly enhance their events. Event technology has transitioned from a nice-to-have to a standard.

This year, it&apop;s no longer about sandbox experimentation. The focus is squarely on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. AI integration in event tech systems is not just a trend but a transformative force. We're moving towards a future where technology offers more personalization and tailored recommendations, adapting seamlessly to each individual's preferences and needs.

Particularly, genAI stands out as a game-changer. It is significantly streamlining the workload for organizers, speeding up various aspects of event planning and execution. This efficiency enables organizers to dedicate more time and resources to crafting impactful, memorable experiences.

This year is set to be remarkable, with event tech becoming more available and introducing exciting innovations that enhance event success. We're at a turning point where event technology is shifting from a supporting role to being a crucial factor in creating successful and unforgettable events

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To Wrap Up

As we step into 2024, the event technology industry is poised for exciting changes. These event industry trends and predictions from seasoned professionals offer a glimpse into the trends that will shape the landscape, emphasizing the intersection of technology, human connection, and innovative thinking. The future of events promises to be AI and tech-driven, inclusive, and mindful of well-being, but let's see how it really things will envelope in the months ahead!

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