Review8 Best Event Ticketing Software: Comparison (2024)

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Looking to know which is the best event ticketing software? Look no further!

The number of tickets sold is considered to be one of the main Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of whether an event was successful or not. This is closely related to the Return on Investment (ROI) of the event investment. However, event ticketing software can be a tremendous asset when it comes to this. Its pricing, its features, its fees - these are all factors that can either decrease or increase the revenue received from selling event tickets.

Knowing the vital importance and substantial difference that event ticketing software can make in ticket sales, we’ve decided to do research and compile a list of the 8 best event ticketing software currently available on the market. Eager to find out which are those? Just keep reading!


Agorify - Best ticketing software

Agorify is an all-in-one event management platform that also comes with event ticketing software. With its Stripe integration, this event ticketing software enables fast and reliable payouts through credit and debit cards.

To help event organizers boost event attendance, Agorify's event ticketing software allows multiple ticket pages, listing multiple tickets per page, selling group tickets, setting bundle ticket discounts, and running discounts on specific tickets or all ticket types.

The ticket commission fee depends on the pricing plan you choose to use for your events.

If you decide to use Agorify's free version - you will be charged 4.95% of every ticket sold; however, if you decide to go with one of the paid versions, such as the Starter plan (€89/month) you will be charged a 2.99% ticket commission fee or the Business plan (€299/month) which has only a 2.19% ticket fee.

What makes Agorify's ticketing offering even better is that if you decide to use it, you will get free instant access to its event management platform, packed with an event app, badge maker, check-in scanner, agenda builder, interactive floor map, exhibitor directory and 100+ other features and no attendee cap limit. This will not only save you money, but also time, considering that as soon as someone makes the payment, they will immediately receive the ticket via email along with a QR code for onsite self check-in, and automatic access to the Agorify event app.

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Eventbrite ticketing

Eventbrite is an event ticketing platform that allows people to create and discover events regardless of their format and niche. With this taken into account, Eventbrite also serves as a ticketing platform as it facilitates the ticket sale and distribution process. Event organizers who opt for Eventbrite as their go-to ticketing solution can also access data and analytics to check attendance, participant demographics, and monitor the general ticket sale campaign.

An additional advantage of using Eventbrite is its comprehensive set of promotion and marketing tools with promotion and marketing tools for promoting events through social media, email campaigns, and other marketing channels.

On the flip side, when it comes to ticketing fees, Eventbrite sometimes charges a 15-20% fee of the ticket price, which is relatively high compared to other similar solutions.


Ticketmaster ticketing

The next one on our list of the best event ticketing software is Ticketmaster, a well-known ticket sales and distribution platform that facilitates the sale of tickets for both B2B and B2C events.

To start selling tickets on Ticketmaster, event organizers should create their events and list them on the platform, where attendees can easily browse and purchase tickets. Diverging from previous platforms that exclusively deliver electronic tickets, Ticketmaster also offers the option of delivering physical tickets via mail.

Ticketmaster also differs in terms of admission charges. It has two main types - standard admission tickets and resale tickets. In the first one, the ticket prices are determined by the event organizers, while in the second one, it is the seller who puts a price tag on the tickets and it often exceeds the initial face value set by the event organizer.

There are also three types of ticket fees: service fee, order processing fee, and delivery fee (if the event organizers decide on physical ticket delivery). These are determined and shared between the event organizers, promoters, and Ticketmaster.


Eventzilla ticketing

Eventzilla is an online event management and ticketing platform that allows event organizers to create, promote, and manage events. Among the other features and solutions, Eventzilla also facilitates online event ticketing and registration. For free events, the registration is completely free while for paid events there is a fee that is determined by the type of license you choose. The Basic pricing plan offers $1.50 per registration, in the Pro plan you get charged 1.9% + $1.50 per registration, and in the Plus plan the fee is 2.9% + $1.50. Additionally, if you are organizing high-volume events, Eventzilla offers an Annual pricing plan in which you don’t get charged a fee per registration. This event management platform also allows event organizers to avoid paying the fee themselves and instead pass it on to the attendees.

Overall, Eventzilla is praised for its ease of use, ticketing capabilities, and robust customization options. It is especially well-suited for managing attendees at various types of events, including smaller events or events with limited budgets.


Eventcube ticketing

The next software on our list of the best event ticketing software is Eventcube. Eventcube is an all-in-one event management platform that comes with its own built-in event ticketing solution.

Given the platform's inherent user-friendliness, the purchasing process is quite easy. Another great advantage is that this event management platform uses SecureSeat to guarantee event content security and accessibility only to attendees who have purchased tickets.

Concerning the ticketing process, Eventcube is enriched with white labeling capabilities for the creation of branded ticketing pages, social discount capabilities, an onsite ticket scanning tool, and integration with other platforms. A distinctive feature that sets this ticketing software apart from the rest is that it also has its own Sold Out Marketplace where attendees can safely re-sell unwanted tickets.

Pricing-wise, you can choose to pay as you go, with a 5% transaction cost and a free monthly membership, or you can pay £99.00/month for the Pro package, which includes a few extra features and a 3% transaction fee.


Accelevents ticketing

For those seeking to create a customized event page with a dedicated URL, Accelevents might be the solution. This event management software provides ticketing capabilities for onsite, online, and hybrid events, enabling organizers to build a personalized event page or sell tickets directly from their existing online ticketing page. The registration process is simple and seamless, with attendees registering upon purchasing the ticket.

By utilizing this event ticketing software, organizers can effortlessly monitor the number of tickets sold at any given moment. After the sales process concludes, event organizers can scan attendees' physical or digital tickets using a mobile device's camera or manually check in attendees by searching for their names in the app. Attendees who have purchased tickets for online events are automatically checked in upon entering the event hub.

Let's delve into the pricing. For paid tickets under the Free or Starter plan, Accelevents charges a fee of $1 + 3% per ticket.


Whova ticketing

The event management platform Whova is also equipped with fantastic event ticketing software that can definitely help event organizers in the ticket sale process. Unlike some of the other event management platforms listed above, Whova doesn't allow third-party registration services which means that if you decide to use their event ticketing software, you will also have to use Whova's event management platform for your event. The good news is that as soon as attendees register, their information is automatically integrated into the platform itself. Note that the registration form can be easily customized with custom fields. You can also create a customized ticket webpage in case you don't have one. In case you already have a website, you can embed Whova's ticketing widget on it.

To support event organizers in boosting ticket sales, Whova allows them to set different ticket types based on different days of the event, session tracks, networking opportunities, and event content. Easily configurable group discounts, early bird pricing, and similar add-ons contribute to the flexibility. The confirmation emails sent to attendees are also eligible for customization. All this can be managed from one central page, making the whole process much easier for the organizer's team.

When it comes to pricing, event organizers who use Whova's ticketing software can choose to pass on the fee (2.5% with a $0.99 per ticket) to the attendees.


Purplepass ticketing

The final entry on our list of the best event ticketing software is Purplepass—an event management solution with an integrated ticketing system.

Purplepass is renowned for its advanced ticketing capabilities, enabling event organizers to sell tickets online, over the phone, and through participating retail outlets. The solution is enriched with customizable widgets that can be seamlessly integrated into websites to enhance ticket sales. Furthermore, event organizers can create interactive assigned seating maps, providing attendees with a comprehensive overview of the venue layout, seat availability, and the view of the stage from specific seats.

Purplepass employs a pricing rate of 2.5% + $0.99 per ticket. If the event is for non-profit cause, utilizing this event ticketing solution would cost 2.0% + $0.99/ticket.

To Wrap Up

The ticket sale is a pivotal part of the ROI of an event. This doesn't only depend on the number of tickets sold but also on all the costs related to the selling process itself.

Finding the event ticketing software that not only has an affordable commission fee per ticket sold, but also offers the features you need to handle your event management process at a great price can be game-changing for your revenue. What's more, it can also provide you with the opportunity to relocate the remaining portion of your budget to improve the overall event experience.

Hopefully, this article on the top 8 best event ticketing software will help you make the best decision for your event. If you believe Agorify's Event Ticketing Software is the best fit for your event, start selling your tickets today and get access to all our free features and tools without an attendee limit cap!

Disclaimer: The information presented in this blog post is based on publicly available data as of the publication date. Please note that subsequent developments or changes may have occurred, and Agorify does not guarantee the continued accuracy or currency of the information beyond the stated date.