Press ReleaseAgorify Launching the Best Event Ticketing Solution on the Market

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After a few months of dedication and commitment to fulfilling our number one objective for 2022, we are proud to announce that we have finally made it! Agorify is releasing the very best event ticketing solution currently available in the event industry market!

Built with the most superior up-to-date technology and supported by Stripe integration, Agorify ticketing solution offers 100% safety and security, supports both credit and debit cards, and provides fast and reliable payouts.

The biggest benefit of using Agorify's ticketing selling software resides in its full integration with our event management platform and app. As soon as an attendee purchases a ticket, they automatically get access to your event within the Agorify event app equipped with 100+ powerful features that will enhance their experience.

By using our Agorify Event Ticketing Solution we not only help event organizers cut costs, but we also aim to help them improve their work efficiency considering that soon as an attendee purchase a ticket, they are automatically given free access to our Agorify event app. This means less work for the organizer's staff and more features to create a better event experience.

- said Kiril Seravall, CEO and Co-founder of Agorify.

With a commission free starting at only 2,89% per ticket, the Agorify event ticketing solution allows you to sell different types of tickets for the same event tailoring different types of customers by enabling you to create multiple pages and list multiple tickets per page.

To maximize the sales strategy, the Agorify event ticketing software also allows event organizers to run discounts on specific pages or on all ticket types.

To learn more about the full functionality of our event ticketing system and how you can get the most out of it, click here.