TipsEvent Industry Glossary: 115+ Event Terms Explained

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Just like almost any industry, the event industry as well is constantly evolving. Therefore, regardless of whether you're new or you've been in this industry for decades, there still might be terms that you're not quite familiar with. Don't worry, though! In this event industry glossary, we have you covered with 115+ event terms that we are certain you would love to know!

Note: The event terms are separated into three categories, following an alphabetical order.

General Event Industry Terms


A summary of a presentation, paper, or session submitted for consideration at the conference.

Access Control

Measures implemented to regulate entry and monitor movement within the summit venue, often involving the use of badges, wristbands, or electronic scanning systems.


Lodging arrangements for summit attendees, which may involve negotiating group rates with hotels or providing information on nearby accommodation options.


A schedule or program outlining the sessions, activities, and events planned for the event, including details such as session titles, speakers, timings, and locations.

Audio-Visual (AV) Equipment

Technical equipment and services necessary for presentations, sessions, and exhibits at the summit, such as projectors, microphones, screens, and sound systems.

Badge Printing

The activity of producing identification badges or passes for registered attendees, usually containing their name, affiliation, and access level.


A designated space within the trade show floor where an exhibitor showcases their products or services.

Booth Staff

Individuals employed or designated by exhibitors to represent their company, interact with attendees, and manage their booth during the trade show.

Breakout Session

Small group sessions focusing on specific topics or themes, allowing for more in-depth discussions or workshops.


Food and beverage services provided during the summit, including options for meals, snacks, refreshments, and special dietary requirements.


The procedure for attendees to confirm their registration and receive their badges or passes upon arrival at the summit venue.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Services provided to maintain cleanliness, hygiene, and orderliness throughout the summit venue, including trash removal, restroom maintenance, and general upkeep.

Conference Proceedings

A collection of papers, abstracts, or presentations presented at the conference, often published after the event.


Formal gatherings or assemblies of people typically organized around a specific theme, topic, or industry. Conferences may include keynote speeches, presentations, workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.


An attendee representing an organization or group at the conference.

Education Sessions

Seminars, workshops, or presentations offered during the trade show to educate attendees on industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies.

Emergency Preparedness

Plans and protocols established to address potential emergencies or crises that may occur during the summit, including procedures for evacuation, medical assistance, and communication with authorities.

Environmental Sustainability

Efforts to minimize the environmental impact of the summit by implementing eco-friendly practices, such as waste reduction, recycling programs, and energy-efficient measures.


The process of collecting feedback, assessing attendee satisfaction, and measuring the effectiveness of the summit through surveys, polls, or other evaluation methods, aiming to identify areas of improvement and inform future event planning efforts.

Event Schedule

A timetable or agenda detailing the timing and location of seminars, presentations, networking events, and other activities taking place during the event.


An area where organizations, companies, or sponsors showcase their products, services, or initiatives related to the conference theme.


A company or organization that displays its products or services at a trade show.


Events where companies, organizations, or individuals showcase products, services, innovations, or ideas to a targeted audience. Exhibitions often feature booths, displays, demonstrations, and interactive experiences to engage attendees and promote offerings.

Fireside Chat

An informal, conversational session format within the summit agenda where a moderator engages in a relaxed discussion with a keynote speaker, industry leader, or expert, typically held in a casual setting to encourage open dialogue and audience engagement.

Floor Manager

An individual responsible for overseeing the operation of the trade show floor, addressing exhibitor concerns, and ensuring a smooth experience for attendees.

Floor Plan

A layout or map of the trade show venue indicating the location of exhibitor booths, entrances, exits, and other relevant features.

Hybrid event

An event that combines both in-person attendees and virtual participation.


Rewards or benefits offered to individuals or groups to motivate or encourage specific behaviors, achievements, or outcomes. In the MICE industry, incentives often refer to travel rewards, trips, or experiences offered to employees, customers, or business partners as part of incentive programs.

Industry Pavilion

A designated section of the trade show floor dedicated to companies and exhibitors within a specific industry or niche market.

Keynote Speaker

A prominent speaker who delivers a speech, setting the tone or highlighting key themes of the conference.


Information about a potential customer or client collected by exhibitors during the trade show.

Lead Retrieval

The process of collecting and managing leads obtained from interactions with attendees at the trade show.

Logistics Coordinator

An individual or team responsible for planning, coordinating, and overseeing the logistical aspects of the summit, including venue arrangements, transportation, accommodation, and on-site support services.


Gatherings of people for a specific purpose, such as discussions, decision-making, information sharing, or problem-solving. Meetings can range from small, informal gatherings to large-scale conferences.


The process of interacting and establishing relationships with other professionals or attendees during the conference.

On-site Services

Additional amenities or facilities provided by the trade show venue or organizers, such as catering, Wi-Fi access, technical support, and security services.

On-site event

An event that takes place at a physical location with attendees attending in person.

On-site Registration

The option for individuals to register for the summit in person at the venue, typically available alongside pre-registration options.

Parallel Session

Sessions held simultaneously, offering attendees a choice of topics or presentations to attend based on their interests.

Panel Discussion

A session where a group of experts discuss a specific topic or issue, often moderated by a facilitator.

Plenary Session

A session attended by all conference participants, often featuring keynote speeches, presentations, or awards.

Post-show Follow-up

The process of contacting leads, evaluating the success of the trade show participation, and implementing strategies to capitalize on the connections made during the event.

Pre-show Marketing

Promotional activities conducted by exhibitors and trade show organizers to generate interest, attract attendees, and drive traffic to the event.

Product Demonstration

A presentation or display showcasing the features, functionality, and benefits of a particular product or service offered by an exhibitor.

Promotional Items/Swag

Branded merchandise or giveaways distributed by exhibitors to attract attendees and promote their products or services.

Q&A (Question and Answer)

A session where attendees can ask questions to speakers or panelists following their presentations.


A promotional activity in which attendees enter a drawing to win prizes offered by exhibitors, typically in exchange for providing their contact information.


The process through which attendees sign up and secure their participation in the summit, often involving the submission of personal information, payment of registration fees, and selection of sessions or activities.

Roundtable Discussion

An informal discussion format where participants sit in a circle to discuss a specific topic, often without a designated leader.

Security Screening

Procedures conducted at entry points to the summit venue to ensure the safety of attendees, staff, and participants, which may include bag checks, metal detectors, or other security measures.


Visual displays, banners, and directional signs placed throughout the summit venue to guide attendees to various locations, sessions, exhibits, and facilities.


Financial support provided by companies or organizations to the event in exchange for promotional opportunities, branding visibility, and other benefits.


A meeting or conference of high-level individuals, leaders, experts, or stakeholders to discuss and address significant issues, challenges, or opportunities within a particular field or industry.

Thought Leadership

The demonstration of expertise, innovation, and influence within a particular industry or field, often showcased through presentations, publications, or contributions by thought leaders during the summit.

Town Hall Meeting

A session format within the summit agenda resembling a public forum or community gathering, where attendees have the opportunity to ask questions, share feedback, and engage in discussions with summit organizers, speakers, or panelists on various topics of interest.


The arrangements made for attendees to travel to and from the summit venue, including options such as shuttles, parking facilities, and public transportation routes.

Vendor Management

The process of selecting, contracting, and coordinating with external vendors and suppliers to provide goods and services required for the summit, such as catering, AV equipment, and signage.


The location or facility where the summit takes place, providing spaces for sessions, networking areas, exhibits, and other activities planned as part of the event.

Virtual event

An event that occurs entirely online, with attendees participating remotely.

Wi-Fi and Connectivity

Internet access and network infrastructure deployed at the summit venue to support attendee communication, live streaming, and online activities.


An interactive session where attendees engage in practical activities or exercises related to a specific topic.

Event Tech Glossary

Beacon Technology

Bluetooth-enabled devices placed strategically throughout the event venue to provide location-based services, personalized content, and analytics.

Chatbots/ Virtual Assistants

AI-powered chatbots or virtual assistants integrated into event websites, apps, or platforms to provide instant support, answer questions, and guide attendees before and during the event.

Data Privacy/ GDPR Compliance

Ensuring that event technologies and processes comply with relevant data protection regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to safeguard attendee privacy and data security.

Event Analytics/ Data Analytics

The collection, analysis, and interpretation of data generated by event technologies to measure attendee engagement, track performance metrics, and inform decision-making for future events.

Event Management Software (EMS)

Software platforms designed to streamline the planning, organization, and management of events, including registration, attendee management, and logistics.

Event Website/ Landing Page Builder

Online tools or platforms used to create customized websites or landing pages for promoting the event, providing information, and facilitating registration.


Incorporating game-like elements, challenges, or rewards into the event experience to increase attendee engagement, participation, and interaction with event content.

Live Polling/ Audience Response Systems

Technology that allows attendees to respond to polls, surveys, or questions in real-time using their smartphones or other devices, providing instant feedback and engagement data.

Mobile Event App

An application designed for smartphones and tablets that provides attendees with event information, schedules, networking opportunities, and interactive features.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

Technology used for tracking and managing attendees, exhibitors, or assets at events through RFID-enabled badges, wristbands, or tags.

Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR)

Immersive technologies used to create interactive experiences, virtual tours, or product demonstrations for attendees, either on-site or remotely.

Webcasting/ Live Streaming

Broadcasting live video and audio of conference sessions, presentations, or keynotes over the internet to remote attendees who cannot attend in person.

Agorify Glossary

API Integrations

Connection between Agorify and other software programs for automatic data sharing.

Attendee List

A compilation of individuals registered or attending the event, often accessible to other attendees or organizers for networking purposes.

Attendee Photo Upload

Feature allowing attendees to upload their photos to their user profiles or event badges for identification and networking purposes.

Attendee User Profiles

Individual profiles created by attendees, containing personal information, interests, and preferences, facilitating networking and personalized interactions within the event community.

Badge Maker

Tool or software for designing, printing, and producing event badges or credentials for attendees, exhibitors, and staff.


Interactive feature allowing attendees to leave feedback, share insights, or engage in discussions related to specific sessions, speakers, or topics.

Content per hour (Live Encoding, Uploading and Storage)

The amount of data generated in an hour by a live stream, considering the encoding process, upload speed, and the final storage size.

Custom Links

Ability for exhibitors or organizers to include custom hyperlinks directing attendees to external websites, landing pages, or resources relevant to their offerings.

End-to-End Event Platform

An end-to-end platform is a system that handles all the necessary steps within the event organization process, from the very beginning to the final completion, offering a comprehensive solution.

Event Access

Permissions or credentials granted to attendees, exhibitors, or staff for accessing different areas, sessions, or features within the event.

Event Customization

The process of tailoring various aspects of the event, including branding, content, format, and features, to align with the organizer's objectives and audience preferences.

Event Schedule Timetable

A structured timeline detailing the sequence of events, sessions, and activities during an event.

Exhibitor Directory

A list or catalog of companies or organizations participating as exhibitors in the event, often categorized by industry, sector, or booth location.

Exhibitor Page (Ebooth)

Individual pages or profiles dedicated to each exhibitor, providing information about their products, services, contact details, and links to their website or social media.

Feature Controls

Settings or configurations allowing organizers to manage and control access to specific features, functionalities, or content within the event platform or app.

Free/imported attendee capacity per event

The free/imported attendee capacity per event refers to the number of attendees you can register for free or by importing a list into Agorify's platform for a single event.

Group Discussions

Interactive sessions or forums where attendees can engage in discussions, share ideas, and collaborate on specific topics or themes.

Hybrid Event Platform

A combination of physical and virtual event technologies that allow attendees to participate both on-site and online, offering a seamless experience for remote and in-person participants.

Information Pages

Sections within the event platform or app containing essential details such as event FAQs, venue information, policies, and contact information.

Interactive Floormap

A dynamic map or layout of the event venue that allows users to navigate, locate sessions, exhibitors, or amenities, and interact with specific areas or booths.

iOS, Android & Web support

Compatibility and support for accessing event features and content across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android mobile devices as well as web browsers.

Lead Retrieval System

Technology used by exhibitors to capture and qualify leads by scanning attendee badges or collecting contact information digitally during the event.

Mobile Check-in Scanner

Mobile device equipped with scanning technology used for checking in attendees at the event entrance or registration area, facilitating quick and efficient entry.

Next Session Reminder

Notifications or alerts that inform attendees about upcoming sessions or activities, helping them stay on track with the event schedule.

Number of events

The quantity of events you can manage on the platform.

Organizational admins

The users (event organizers) who manage user accounts, event settings, and subscriptions for their entire organization.

PDF Upload and Lead Capture

Capability for exhibitors to upload documents or marketing materials (e.g., brochures, whitepapers) and capture leads by collecting contact information from interested attendees.

Personalized Agenda Planner

A tool that enables attendees to create their own customized agenda by selecting sessions and activities they wish to attend.

Price per additional free/imported attendee

The price per additional free/imported attendee at Agorify is folded into their tiered pricing plans, increasing the overall cost as the attendee count surpasses the plan's included limit.

Private Chat

A feature enabling attendees to communicate directly with each other or with organizers in a one-on-one or group chat format, often for networking or assistance purposes.

Question and Answers (Q&A)

Sessions or segments where attendees can pose questions to speakers or panelists, fostering interaction and knowledge exchange.

Real-Time Check-in Report

Instantaneous report or dashboard displaying attendance data, check-in statuses, and attendance trends updated in real-time.


Individuals designated to represent exhibitors or sponsors at the event, often responsible for staffing booths, engaging with attendees, and promoting their offerings.

Schedule Content Filter

A feature that allows users to sort or filter event schedules based on criteria such as date, time, track, or session type.

Self Check-in & On-Demand Badge Printing Kiosk

A self-service station designed specifically for event attendees to check in and print their personalized badges on-site.

Self-Service Event Platform

An online platform or portal where exhibitors or attendees can manage their profiles, submit materials, schedule appointments, and access event-related resources without direct assistance from organizers.

Social Media

Integration of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., for promoting the event, sharing updates, and engaging with attendees before, during, and after the event.

Speaker Page

Individual pages or profiles dedicated to each speaker, providing their bio, photo, session details, and links to their social media or website.

Speakers List

A roster or directory of individuals scheduled to deliver presentations, talks, or workshops during the event.


Different levels or categories of sponsorship or participation offered to exhibitors or sponsors, typically providing varying levels of visibility, benefits, and privileges.

Total streaming hour

The amount of data transferred in an hour due to video and audio playback, typically measured in gigabytes (GB) per hour.

Track Customization

The ability to tailor event sessions and content according to specific themes, topics, or interests.

Virtual Event Platform

An online platform that hosts virtual conferences, webinars, or trade shows, offering features such as live streaming, virtual networking, and interactive exhibits.

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