InterviewsEvan Babins On His Career Path and His Insights About Event Technology and Its Impact

Qoute by Evan Babins

In today's interview about the impact of event technology on the event industry landscape, we have Even Babins, a trendsetting Event Producer with over a decade of corporate and private event experience working on events around the world. Currently taking the role of Event Manager at Intuit.

We've asked Even to share with us his beginnings, his major accomplishments and challenges as well as his insight about how technology is influencing the way events are being executed. Start reading it now!

Please tell us more about your career in the event industry, such as your beginnings and your major achievements.

Evan Babins: I started in the industry through the AV Production and DJ route. Turned that into corporate event production, agency work, and in-house event planning for major global brands. Some major accomplishments include:

  • 2023 Eventex Top 50 Most Influential Event Technology Professionals
  • 2022 Bizzabo Top 55 Event Experience Leaders
  • 2021 BizBash Fresh Faces List
  • 2021 BizBash Top 250 Event Pro's in Canada
  • 2020 Special Events Magazine Top Young Event Pro To Watch

Can you share some of the most memorable events that you have been a part of? What made them special or unique?

Evan Babins: I have produced many amazing events, but the one that stands out is the 2023 Get Connected tour for Intuit. We produced 4 events across Canada in 7 weeks. Had an amazing team working together to bring the event to life from conception to execution. The event was very well received by guests and stakeholders alike.

Can you share an event-related failure or setback you experienced and how you bounced back from it? What lessons did you learn from that experience?

Evan Babins: When producing an event overseas, at the last minute my AV supplier backed out of the event. The event was a hybrid event that was broadcast to different offices plus in person with over 1000 people in the room.

What are some best practices for creating engaging and informative content for presentations and sessions at B2B onsite events?

Evan Babins: Working with speakers/presenters to get the maximum return on their content. Allow audiences to be immersed in presentations and sessions to make them a two-way dialogue vs. a speaker talking to them and them just listening.

Can you discuss any emerging technologies or tools that you find particularly exciting or beneficial for enhancing event experiences?

Evan Babins: GenAI is the new buzzword in the industry. The things that can be done using AI including text, image and audio-based content are unreal. I'm excited about what GenAI will do to advance our industry in the near future.

How can event organizers leverage technology to streamline onsite event processes and enhance the attendee experience?

Evan Babins: Using proper technology to your advantage is a major win for event profs. Using too much or the wrong tech, can backfire and make your event look fake and staged. Finding the balance is essential.

The rapid development of AI tools has been one of the trendiest topics lately, how do you think AI will impact the event industry in particular?

Evan Babins: Using AI to help generate content, event schedules, run sheets and more will streamline event profs workflow and make the 'admin' tasks we do so much faster and easier to accomplish.

5 Quickfire Questions: Yes or No Answers.

Is the event industry doing enough to minimize its environmental impact and promote sustainability?


Is the event industry effectively adapting to the changing expectations and preferences of the younger generation?


Does the event industry place too much emphasis on extravagant productions and overlook the substance and content of events?


Do you believe there is an over-reliance on technology and automation in the event industry, leading to a diminished human touch?


Is there a tendency for the event industry to prioritize high-profile and celebrity-driven events over those with authentic and community-driven experiences?


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