InterviewsSean Schuette About His Career Path in the Event Industry and His Thoughts On Event Tech

Qoute by Sean Schuette

The newest guest in our series of interviews about event technology is Sean Schuette, Event Producer and Strategist with extensive experience actively leading the planning and execution of events ranging in size from 150 to 16,000 people.

In this interview, Sean Schuette, is sharing his professional journey as well as his thoughts on emerging technologies in the event industry. Check it out!

Please tell us more about your career in the event industry, such as your beginnings and your major achievements.

Sean Schuette: I fell into the industry as a result of doing meeting and event-related work as an administrative assistant. I then entered the world of tradeshow management on the operations team, working on the largest event to date in my career of 16,000 people. I have continued on my journey with a decade of work in association management and on my own for 7 years now, effective November of 2023. Extensive years of experience, events, memories, and learnings along the way.

Can you share some of the most memorable events that you have been a part of? What made them special or unique?

Sean Schuette: Firehouse Expo in Baltimore with 16,000 attendees, where I oversaw 10-12 concurrent breakout rooms and a general session where the amount of speakers was 170. Doing an event at Disney in California for an association client where families got to experience our opening reception as well as a special visit from Mickey Mouse. A fundraising gala for a college where students on the spectrum are learning life skills that help them enter the working world strong and confident. Seeing that event grow year over year for 8 years and the great theme each year associated with it. Being part of a team of 12 for nearly a week in Vegas, where 7000 dentists gathered to learn and celebrate the work they do. I was in charge of VIP attendee needs as well as named entertainment, which included a private concert by Journey.

Can you share an event-related failure or setback you experienced and how you bounced back from it? What lessons did you learn from that experience?

Sean Schuette: This is an industry that is always evolving so you need to learn and grow with it. No event is perfect considering that there are always items you need to adjust to onsite, and the learnings from those impact your planning for the future. You build relationships with both your client and your partners. The depth of those relationships is like a deposit amount in a bank that you draw on at times when things don't go as planned. You admit what has happened as well as the plan you have in motion to correct things.

What are some best practices for creating engaging and informative content for presentations and sessions at B2B onsite events?

Sean Schuette: Content is key to an event's success. It is one of the top things that drives attendance to the event, next to attendees being able to network and foster relationships. I have learned that you are creating an experience that changes people and environments. The small details make the biggest impact most often. Consistency in theme and communication of information all along the process is key. Messaging onsite through various elements also helps connect the content and the experience.

Can you discuss any emerging technologies or tools that you find particularly exciting or beneficial for enhancing event experiences?

Sean Schuette: I have found Toggl to be important for tracking time on projects. I have also found Click-Up to be a good tool for baseline project management and deadline management. Tools like WhatsApp and Slack are also great internal communication tools to use both for pre-planning and onsite needs.

How can event organizers leverage technology to streamline onsite event processes and enhance the attendee experience?

Sean Schuette: Find systems that help you work smarter and not harder. This also applies to registration tools that make the process of registering and/or sponsoring the program straightforward.

The rapid development of AI tools has been one of the trendiest topics lately, how do you think AI will impact the event industry in particular?

Sean Schuette: I see AI being a tool in the process to help us be more creative and efficient in things. I don't see it replacing our jobs. We need not be afraid to learn and use it.

5 Quickfire Questions: Yes or No Answers.

Is the event industry doing enough to minimize its environmental impact and promote sustainability?


Is the event industry effectively adapting to the changing expectations and preferences of the younger generation?


Does the event industry place too much emphasis on extravagant productions and overlook the substance and content of events?


Do you believe there is an over-reliance on technology and automation in the event industry, leading to a diminished human touch?


Is there a tendency for the event industry to prioritize high-profile and celebrity-driven events over those with authentic and community-driven experiences?


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