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Looking for the best onsite event badge printing software? You are at the right place! But first, let's find out why they are important!

The first thing that attendees do upon their arrival at the venue of the event is pick up their badges. Or to be more precise, they get in line and wait until their turn comes. That's how the attendees' journey begins and that's where they get the first impression of your event. In many cases, depending on how patient they are, the waiting might even determine their mood.

This is why modernizing your onsite event matters and one way to do that is by giving it a digital edge and automating the badge handling process. This is where onsite on-demand event badge printing software comes into play.

So what is onsite on-demand event badge printing software and how does it work?

Onsite on-demand event badge printing software is the kind of software that is connected to a printer and once an attendee scans their QR code, it automatically prints the badge.

So without further ado, let's find out which is the best onsite on-demand event badge printing software that you can use for your next event!

Agorify Onsite On-demand Event Badge Printing Software


Agorify is an event management system with powerful tools helping you to execute amazing events. One of their most beloved tools is the on-demand badge printing, with which you can easily automate the check-in and badge handling process by allowing attendees to self check-in and automatically print their event badge.

The benefit of using this on-demand badge printing is that you can make changes to the event badges at any time, avoid reprints and, most importantly, reduce queues without hiring extra staff.

Another great thing is the jaw-dropping pricing. Agorify' on-demand badge printing is included in their business license which costs only €299 per month and beside the badge printing tool you also get full access to their other tools such as event app, attendee networking, lead retrieval, ticketing, attendee management and much more.

Boomset - Hopin

Boomset - Hopin

Boomset (recently acquired by Hopin) is a robust platform specifically targeting onsite events and, therefore, is definitely worth checking out when looking for an onsite event badge printing tool. It allows you to design your event badge by choosing a few different layouts which are available on the Boomset platform.

However, what truly makes Boomset different from other tools of this kind is the fact that with Boomset you can print event badges in different styles and forms such as wristbands, plastic cards event badges, double-sided event badges, and others. To make them even more sophisticated and boost functionality, Boomset allows you to include paired QR codes or RFID chips. To use this tool, you need to purchase the Advanced plan which comes at a custom price.



Another fantastic option when looking for an event badge printing solution is Accelevents. It is an end-to-end event management platform that allows you to enable onsite event badge printing as soon as someone checks in on the event.

Accelevents has a variety of badge templates that you can easily customize in terms of size, colors, and fonts in order to make your event badges reflect your branding. Besides adding the usual attendee information, you can also add your exhibitors' logos and a unique QR code for networking and lead-capturing purposes.

Webex Events


With Webex Events (formerly Socio), you not only receive software, but you also get hardware and onsite support - all that in a single packaged solution as they can determine the badging and equipment needs of your event and ship all the necessary things to you.

In terms of the features of their onsite badge printing tool, you can choose between an on-demand or distributed check-in experience i.e to let them print their badge when they check in or to print the badges beforehand on your own. With this tool, you can also decide whether to allow attendees to check in and verify their badge details or speed up the check-in process by using Fast Track Check-in. Just like the previous event badging solutions, this one as well offers a badge designer where you can brand and customize your event badges.

To find out the pricing, you need to request it.



Azavista is another platform like the ones listed above and therefore, it's definitely worth having a look at when doing research for the best onsite event badge printing software. Besides the easy walks-in registration, real-time data, and customized reports, it also has a badge designer tool where you can easily customize your event badges and then print them onsite.

With Azavista's Kiosk Mode you can allow your event's participants to self check-in and self-print their badges as soon as they arrive at the venue. To use Azavista's onsite event badge printing tool, you need their software (pricing available upon request) and "minimal hardware".



With Eventleaf you can print event badges on the fly. To do that, Eventleaf has a tool where you can customize your event badges according to the needs of your event and populate the design with the participants' information automatically. In terms of printing the event badges, it offers you two options - to print them in advance or onsite by using Eventleaf check-in app and a compatible printer.

This event management platform is free to use for events with up to 100 attendees, but to use the onsite event badge printing tool you would need to purchase their Professional ($2/attendee) pricing package.



Eventdex' on-demand badge printing solution is compatible with Zebra and Brother label Printers with ZD & GK series to deliver amazing print quality and speed.

Their onsite badge printing tool is integrated with their check-in app and event registration software. When printing the badges you can choose between two print sizes - 4x3 and 4x6 inches.

To find out the pricing, you would need to request a quote.



The next onsite event badge printing tool on our list is Cvent OnArrival. This app (owned by Cvent) includes onsite check-in, attendance tracking, walk-in registration, real-time reporting, payment collection, and, of course, on-demand badge printing. Just like the previous ones, Cvent OnArrival on-demand badge printing tool allows event organizers to make last-minute changes whenever needed as well as to have full control over the design of their event badges.

When it comes to printing, with Cvent OnArrival event organizers can print badges wirelessly and in real-time. If your event has up to 500 attendees, you would need to purchase their premium license, while if your event has more than 500 attendees OnArrival 360 which comes with a project manager, all supplies provided (printers, badge stock, and lanyards), and on-site support. In terms of the hardware, Cvent OnArrival requires you to rent or purchase their Event in a Box devices.

To find out how much it would cost you in total, you would need to request a demo.



Smartsource provides both event tech solutions and IT solutions for other industries. Their onsite badge printing solution includes badge customization, multiple badge templates based on the participants types, barcode with embedded profile data for scanning, badge ID number, instant printing, etc.

To find out more about the pricing and the equipment needed, you would need to get in touch with them.



Last, but not least - Nunify. What makes Nunify's onsite event badge printing solution stand out from the rest of its competitors is the fact that it can be used offline which can be very convenient in case of issues with the internet.

When it comes to the other features, it is not much different - it has a Visual Badge Designer that you can use to design your event badges and populate them with the participants' data. The configuration is very easy as it has a setup wizard that will guide you through the entire process. The most popular printer brand used with Nunify onsite event badge printing solution is Zebra, but it also has support from a variety of other printers that have apple air-print integration.

To use this tool, you need to subscribe either to the In Person - Event App & Onsite Check in (starting price $400/event starting with 100 attendees) or to their Hybrid event package (starting price $550/event starting with 100 attendees) depending on your event format. If your event has more attendees, you would need to request a quote from their sales team.

To Wrap Up

When someone talks about event technology they usually associate it with virtual events, however, onsite events can also benefit from technology. One such technology is the onsite event badge printing tool that can provide a seamless and smooth badge-picking process. Although it is a relatively new technology, more and more events are starting to use it as it is both time-efficient and cost-effective.

Hopefully, this blog post will help you out in your research and determining which event badge printing tool suits your event'vs needs the most. If you would like to learn more about Agorify's Onsite Event Badge Printing tool or for some of our other solutions, request a demo.

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