ReviewTop 8 Best Lead Retrieval Tools for Events

Lead retrieval review

There are a variety of reasons why exhibitors attend certain events, but the most common one is capturing leads in order to increase their sales and close more deals. Considering that exhibitors have a very prominent role in events it is important to give them an extra boost in reaching their objectives and keep them coming back.

And what better way to help your exhibitors capture more leads than by providing them with a fast and reliable event lead retrieval tool? Not sure which one is the best fit for you and your exhibitors?

Here is a list of the top 8 best lead retrieval tools to help your exhibitors capture more leads.

Agorify’s Lead Retrieval

Agorify is one of the leading event management apps that can fully support any event regardless of its format and complexity. Addressing the needs of each type of event participant, Agorify’s Lead Retrieval enables exhibitors to effortlessly scan the badges of attendees at their onsite exhibitions. It also allows them to record notes with important information discussed on each lead for easy pre-qualification. To do that, they just need to download Agorify’s app on their iOS or Android app, no other hardware needed!

This lead capture tool can also be used by event organizers for session lead capture. During this process, event organizers scan the badges of attendees who are attending sponsored sessions in order to generate leads for the sponsor.

Agorify’s Lead Retrieval tool also includes a virtual badge scan in order to capture leads from those attendees who visit and download marketing materials from the exhibitors’ virtual booths. All these leads are then stored in exhibitors’ data-driven dashboard and then exported to a CRM if needed. Through this, Agorify empowers exhibitors with real-time reports in order to monitor and guide their sales representatives at the time of the event and help them maximize their performance.

The pricing is only €89/month, but what makes this lead retrieval tool even more cost-effective is that it integrates over 100+ features that are part of Agorify’s overall event management app and platform. On top of that, Agorify also integrates with Zappier which gives you a whole spectrum of CRM and other types of software solutions you can choose from.

But here is the best part: considering that Agorify doesn’t limit the number of users that can use its lead retrieval system, you as an event organizer can easily turn this into an additional monetization method and charge exhibitors per lead scanner or create different packages based on this type of offering.

To learn more about how you can make the best use of Agorify’s lead retrieval tool and help exhibitors capture more leads, talk to our event experts.

Price: €89/mo for all of your events

Cvent LeadCapture

Cvent Lead Retreival

Cvent LeadCapture is an app-based feature developed by the event management platform Cvent. Just like the previously mentioned tool, Cvent LeadCapture also allows exhibitors at conferences to scan attendees' badges and gather leads quickly and without much effort.

It is a fantastic tool to help exhibitors get in touch with potential clients, and prospects and to easily capture, qualify, rate, and export leads on demand. Leads are synced to the Cvent exhibitor portal in real time, allowing for quick follow-up and analysis. Another thing worth mentioning is that there is one more lead retrieval tool developed by Cvent known as Cvent Universal LeadCapture. This lead retrieval is designed for trade shows you attend as exhibitors.

Cvent will assist you in setting up this solution, after that you can use Exhibitor Management to add your company as an exhibitor, add your team members, and provide them with licenses. In addition, you can also manage the lead qualification settings. There is also a lead qualification survey that your team members can fill out when scanning leads.

When it comes to pricing, Cvent offers a demo in which they will provide you with customized pricing tailored to your event specifically.


Swapcard Lead Retreival

Besides allowing exhibitors to scan the badges of the attendees in order to capture leads, Swapcard’s lead retrieval system offers a dashboard of data such as hourly views of the event interactions, devices used, logins, Twitter keywords, offline scanning, and more! In addition, Swapcard lead retrieval can easily integrate with CRM systems such as Salesforce.

This is a fantastic tool for organizers to gain valuable insights into lead generation across the event. They can see which exhibitors are capturing the most leads, identify high-traffic booths, and track the overall effectiveness of the lead retrieval system.

In terms of pricing, Swapcard has three packages, including freemium, but in order to discover which one best fits your needs, it is best if you schedule a demo.


iCapture Lead Retreival

Unlike the rest of the lead retrieval tools on this list that are part of all-in-one event management platforms and apps, iCapture specializes only in lead capture and retrieval. Where iCapture shines best is at large expos, trade shows, conferences, and other similar B2B events. iCapture offers DIY setup, badge and business cards scanning, custom qualifiers, hot lead notifications, document delivery, lead scoring, CRM integration, auto-reply emails and other great features that can help exhibitors get better results.

Another thing that makes iCapture stand out is the fact that they offer solutions specifically designed for different roles and objectives such as marketing, sales, IT/CRM admin, and demand gen.

In terms of pricing, iCapture offers customized proposals based on the needs of each customer.


Whova Lead Retreival

Another event management platform that has included a lead retrieval tool in its offering is Whova. By using Whova’s lead retrieval tool exhibitors will be able to collect leads in three ways: by scanning the QR code of the badges and business cards of the attendees, with manual entry of the data, and through virtual booth interactions.

Just like the other tools, it doesn’t require any expensive hardware, all exhibitors need to do is download the Whova app on their Android or iOS devices.

After collecting the leads, they can then easily export them to their selected CRM. To follow up with the leads, exhibitors can contact potential clients via Whova’s chat or schedule a video call.

When it comes to pricing, Whova doesn’t have a fixed pricing model, it differs based on the customer’s event itself.

Captello’s Universal Lead

Captello Lead Retreival

The next on our list of the best lead capture tools is Captello’s Universal Lead. It’s important to note that this solution is an event management and marketing software for creating and managing gamified experiences at events and among its offerings is also their lead capture tool.

In terms of that, Captello is not much different than the other solutions on the list as it offers exhibitors the opportunity to capture leads both, virtually and onsite without the need for any additional hardware, but a mobile or tablet that has Captello’s app installed. There are no limits to the number of users which is great if you have a larger team as you won’t have to incur additional costs.

The captured leads are stored on an integrated CRM and it allows exhibitors to book meetings with their prospects directly through the platform itself. This lead retrieval tool can be used to scan NFC, barcode and QR codes both online and offline.

If you are interested about its pricing, it’s available upon request.


Accelevents Lead Retreival

Accelevents is an event management platform that also comes with a lead retrieval tool. Their user-friendly lead capture tool is integrated into their mobile app allowing exhibitors to scan QR codes from attendees’ badges or mobile apps onsite or capture leads via downloadable marketing materials through their virtual booth online.

The platform is integrated with CRMs like SalesForce, Hubspot, and Marketo, and others for better data analysis that can streamline the prospecting process. The reports can be accessed in real-time allowing exhibitors to optimize their lead capture process at the time of the event and maximize their success.

Accelevents doesn’t limit the number of users, which means that all sales representatives in your exhibitor’s booth can be equipped with lead retrieval tools. The platform also encourages event organizers to help exhibitors stay CCPA and GDPR-compliant by setting up a standard compliance disclaimer.

Pricing is available upon requesting a demo.


BigMarker Lead Retreival

Last, but not least, one of the best lead retrieval tools is the one powered by BigMarker. After scanning the QR code on the attendees’ badges, the exhibitors can also add lead scores and notes, get access to all the other leads as well as export them when needed.

BigMarker’s lead retrieval tool is also used by event organizers in order to scan attendees into sessions, manage their access to closed sessions, generate attendee-level analytics, etc.

Finally, BigMarker integrates with popular CRM and marketing automation platforms. This allows exhibitors to seamlessly export their qualified leads into their existing workflow for efficient follow-up and nurturing.

Pricing? You guessed it - available upon request.

To Wrap Up

If you are organizing a conference, trade show, summit, or any type of B2B event that has exhibitors and sponsors then having a lead retrieval tool is a must. We believe that the above-listed tools are indeed some of the best lead retrieval tools, however, it is very important to evaluate them by yourself and see which one works the best for you.

At the same time, make sure to be cost-effective and do not spend more than what your budget allows. One way to do that is to use a lead retrieval that comes integrated within an event management app as that way you get all technology you need in one. Agorify is a great option because besides the lead retrieval you also get 100+ other features addressing different aspects of the event regardless of its format. To learn more, book a demo.