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Considering that you landed here you are probably looking for the best Whova alternatives, right? Whova has been a popular choice for many event organizers, however, there are still some event organizers who are looking to find another platform similar to Whova that they can use for managing their events.

The reasons might vary for each one of them so let's not dive into that. Instead, let's get rolling and find out which are the best Whova alternatives and competitors that are worth giving a shot!


Agorify is truly the number one best Whova alternative as it is an End-to-End True Hybrid event platform for event organizers who aim to make a revolution in the event industry. Specializing in midsize and large complex events featuring up to 100 001 parallel tracks with up to 100 001 attendees, a number of amazing engagement and networking opportunities, continued on-demand periods, online exhibitor booths with a data-driven dashboard, multiple monetization opportunities, and much more.

However, what truly sets Agorify apart from all of its competitors is that it brings simplicity, flexibility, reliability, scalability, affordability, and more than one opportunity for a revenue boost. It allows event organizers to gain full control of every aspect of the event organizing process, customer experience, cost, and monetization.

To sum up, Agorify's features include but are not limited to registration and ticketing, native-live streaming, simulated streaming, virtual round tables, breakout rooms, app badge scanning, self-check-in, and badge printing, digital agenda, live Q&A, chat, one-on-one meeting capabilities, virtual silent room, virtual exhibitor booths, data-driven insights dashboard for exhibitors, etc.

Mobile app: Yes

Adobe Connect

whova alternative adobe connect

The second event management platform on our best Whova alternative lists is Adobe Connect. The best part about this platform is that it offers a customizable user experience for each session and a Complete eLearning Solution which is why it is mostly used by educators all around the world.

In fact, it could be easily said that where Adobe Connect truly shines is live virtual lectures and webinars. Unlike Agorify and Whova, which have a number of features natively integrated, this platform is very modest as its main features are video conferencing, live chat, and screen sharing.

But don't stop reading here. Being aware that some users might need much more features, Adobe Connect offers the opportunity for each user to add third-party apps that can make the experience much more interactive, yet at the same time, also much more tailored toward the needs of the event itself. Adobe Connect is a great option for events with up to 1000 participants. The event then can be split into multiple rooms with up to 100 members. Another awesome thing about this platform is it has multi-layered security and an End-to-End campaign management solution.

Adobe Connect is a great option for events with up to 1000 participants who can be split into multiple rooms with up to 100 members. Another awesome thing about this platform is its multi-layered security and has an End-to-End campaign management solution.

Mobile app: Yes


whova alternative brazen

The next one on our Whova alternatives list is Brazen. However, unlike the other event management platforms, Brazen mainly specializes in job fairs and serves as a virtual event hiring solution for any organization that is conducting its hiring process virtually.

In its features palette, Brazen includes video conferencing, audio calls, live chatting and also has special packages of hiring solutions listed as 1) Talent Acquisition and HR 2)Government and Workforce 3) Job board and Membership Solutions, and 4) College and University.

Brazen is a perfect choice for organizations that are looking for a cost-effective virtual event solution for their hiring process. It serves as a bridge between recruiters and skilled job seekers who are looking to connect fast.

Nevertheless, the best thing about Brazen is its BOF (Brazen Opportunity Fund) which provides funding for using the platform to those employers who are looking to contribute to inclusion and diversity.

Mobile App: No


whova alternatives discord

Here is a fun fact about Discord: it initially was used for communication among the gaming community, however, during the pandemic just like many other platforms of this kind, Discord became widely known and people also started using it for virtual events.

To organize a virtual event with Discord, you should first create a room which in Discord is called "Server", you can then split it into a few smaller rooms for break-out sessions and more targeted discussions.

The platform supports up to 5000 per room which makes it a perfect Whova alternative for organizing virtual events. Other features include end-to-end encryption, personal and server agenda, screen sharing, chats, voice calls, and of course, video-conferencing.

Mobile App: Yes


Whova alternative BlueJeans

If you are looking for a Whova alternative for larger events then BlueJeans can do the trick. This event management platform is capable of supporting up to 50 000 view-only attendees and 150 speakers.

Moreover, it also has features like Q&A, polling, event chat, moderator controls, etc. For an even more interactive experience, BlueJeans offers a whiteboard, file-sharing during the meeting, an event highlighter, and much more!

With this event platform, you can also livestream your events on Facebook and record them for on-demand use. In order to provide an exceptional user experience, BlueJeans has a solution called "The Command Center" that allows you to gain an overview of the network conditions, user ROI, and the overall performance of the event.

Mobile App: Yes


Whova alternative RingCentral

If you are hosting smaller virtual events then RingCentral is worth checking out. This Whova alternative event platform can support up to 500 attendees and up to 50 breakout rooms. Just like the previous platform, it also supports screen sharing, whiteboards, annotations, content recording, file sharing in message threads, and so on.

RingCentral integrates with a number of different apps such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook,, etc. which is great if you want to add additional features to your event such as real-time analytics, quality monitoring, simplified communication, etc.

RingCentral has different types of video conferencing solutions which are tailored toward different audiences and industries. Finally, if you organize your event with RingCentral, you can list it under its resources menu for extra exposure.

Mobile App: Yes

Webex Meetings

Whova alternative Webex Meetings

Webex Meetings has been around since 1995, therefore, chances are that you probably have heard about it already, but if you haven't, here is what you should know.

Although Webex Meetings is generally used for video conferencing, it does have an event solution package that can be super helpful when organizing events – and it truly makes it a great Whova alternative!

That solution includes features such as gamification, chat, polls, event agenda, data dashboard, video breakout rooms, self check-in and badge printing solution, and so on. With Webex Meetings, you can host events that have between 100 and 10 000 attendees.

Mobile App: Yes


Whova alternative GoToMeetings

Unlike the previously listed Whova alternatives, GoToMeeting's specialty is only for video conferencing or for webinars. Thus, if you need a platform for organizing a webinar then you should seriously consider GoToMeeting.

The solutions that this platform offers are divided into three categories: by audience (IT Managers), by industry (healthcare, automotive, legal, education, and professional services), and by need (remote work, remote support, video conferencing, and cloud PBX).

With its WebCast mode, you can organize a webinar with up to 3000 attendees, pre-record the content, promote it on GoToStage, brand it, and much more.

Mobile app: Yes

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To Wrap Up

There are many different event platforms out there, however, considering that each event is unique in its own way, some platforms are more suitable than others.

Although Whova is one of the most popular ones, it's completely understandable if it might not be the best platform for your specific event. Hopefully, some of the previously mentioned Whova alternatives will work for you.

Last but not least, if you are eager to learn more about the first True Hybrid End-to-End Event platform Agorify then make sure to Book a Demo with us!