Now you can turn every event into aTrue Hybrid event

Make your physical event into a global success.

Features perfect for hybrid events

Agorify is packed with great event management features to enhance yet simplify the execution of hybrid events.

Registration & Ticketing

Provide unparalleled smooth event registration and check-in experience to your visitors. Regardless of wether they are joining your event onsite or online.


Provide an easy-to-navigate and personalized event schedule with flexibility to access and edit at any point of time.

Mobile & Desktop

Provide visitors easy access to your event platform from any device, mobile or web.

Native Live Streaming

Easily connect your onsite AV technology with Agorify and turn your venue into live stream studio.

Breakout rooms

Divide the audience to smaller groups for more targeted and in-depth discussions.


Get the visitors to book face-to-face meetings with the ability to choose between meeting onsite or online via the app.

Lead Generation

Connect the onsite physical badge scanning and the online contact sharing and help exhibitors gather all their leads in one place.


Provide your exhibitors or sponsors the opportunity to interact with the online and onsite audience all through a connected onsite and online exhibitor stand.

Hybrid events as your new monetization engine

When exploring hybrid events you should think of new revenue streams. Monetizing through hybrid events can be as simple as monetizing through onsite events. As an organizer, Agorify provides you with features and controls that not only can mirror and enhance your onsite monetization models, but also open new ones that you have not thought of before.

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Smooth access to your event

The check-in and the registration to onsite events can be as easy as possible. No more queues and frustrated visitors. Imagine how amazing it would be if a delegate can spend not more than 22 seconds to approach the registration desk, register and print a badge. At the same time, the online visito would have already grabbed a cup of coffee, entered the event platform and started networking with the other attendees.

Agorify self check-in and badge printing

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Onsite speaker, online audience or vice versa.

The Agorify app is a true hybrid event platform which means that the content and the networking features and functionalities available in the digital platform are a digital twin of the onsite event and you can change in between them without missing any of the content or experience. Through Agorify you can stream content directly to your large screens for the onsite visitors to enjoy or stream from the onsite sessions directly to your online audience.

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