Fast, reliable, scalable, flexible, profitable and simple-to-use virtual event platform for any occasion

From simple to complex events. One online platform to fit them all

Fast and reliable live streaming

From one track events to hundreds of tracks in parallel. With Agorify you can stream from anywhere in the world and as much as you want. Integrated RTMP streaming technology, Agorify is an end-to-end, all-in-one, fast, reliable and scalable streaming solution that enables you to develop and execute online events as you have envisioned them, not restrained by technical limitations.

Integrated RTMP streaming technology

Unlimited parallel sessions

Unlimited stream and session length

Secure and available only to your attendees

Hands-free simulated live streaming

Let Agorify run your event and play your pre-recorded content. Yes, you are reading it correctly. Theoretically you don't have to lift a finger during the event day. Instead Agorify will take the lead and stream all content you have uploaded to the platform for you, at the given time you've set it to go live. Talk about automating an entire event.

High-quality video upload and playback

Super easy and near playtime setup

Easy scheduling, flexible time zones

Interaction enabled


Controlled on-demand streaming

Online events are not limited in time. As an event organiser you can increase the value to your participants and sponsors by allowing them to review and interact with their favourite content or explore new content they have missed during the live show. Based on your preferences and duration, Agorify automatically captures and makes videos available on-demand for your customers.

Automatic recording and on-demand availability

High Quality Preview

Seamless and powerful admin controls

Send us your event agenda
Get a cost estimation and consultation

Immersive engagement and communication

Online events demand more efforts for participants to be engaged and stay active. Agorify provides you with tools needed to make the event interactive, effective, meaningful, personal and long-lasting.

Live chat

Virtual round tables

Ask a questions or vote on your favourite

Group discussions

Direct messaging

Meeting scheduling



When exploring online events you should think of new revenue streams. Monetising through online events can be as simple as monetising through onsite events. As an organiser, Agorify provides you with features and controls that not only can mirror and enhance your onsite monetisation models but also open new ones that you have not thought of before.

Paid content and paid access

Exhibitor admin controls

Exhibitor pages

Content, scan and network lead generation

Visibility and branding

Virtual round table moderation

Access control, consent and security

When setting up online events, along monetization you should also think about privacy and security. Agorify is built on security and privacy-first in mind. It provides organisers full control over general consent and security settings, admin controls and much more.

Access control & security roles

Participant type admin control

Session consent options

Lead generation control


Jaw-dropping prices

We know that every event is unique. That is why Agorify's pricing model is made to fit all event sizes. Below streaming packages are price examples for different types of events. Contact us to get a quote tailored to your needs.

For 1 day events with up to 300 attendees and 4 hours of content, which gives you 1200 total streaming hours.
  • 1 day event
  • 300 attendees
  • 4 hours content
For 1 day events with up to 750 attendees and 8 hours of content, which gives you 6000 total streaming hours.
  • 1 day event
  • 750 attendees
  • 8 hours content
For 2 day events with up to 2000 attendees and 32 hours of content divided on 2 tracks, which gives you 32 000 total streaming hours.
  • 2 day event
  • 2000 attendees
  • 32 hours content
  • 2 tracks
18 699
For 3 day events with up to 4000 attendees and 96 hours of content divided on 4 tracks, which gives you 96 000 total streaming hours.
  • 3 day event
  • 4000 attendees
  • 96 hours content
  • 4 tracks
All prices include
Agorify is packed with features. Here are some of them suited for virtual events
  • Integrated live streaming
  • Simulated streaming
  • Mobile and web event app
  • Full admin access and controls
  • Attendee list
  • Exhibitor list & eBooths
  • Partner session lead capture
  • Display partner representatives
  • Virtual badge scan
  • Live chat
  • Q&A and voting
  • Group discussions
  • Direct messaging
  • Attendee List
  • Schedule meeting
  • Access to Agorify community support
  • Access to documentation and video tutorials.
Depending on your needs, you can add the following features to your event.
  • Virtual round table
  • On-demand video
  • Online tech support
  • Event project leader