Create smoothin-person events

From small internal events to large exhibitions and tradeshows, Agorify is a preferred event companion to any organizations that wants to simplify, automize and fully take control of their onsite event execution.

Features perfect for onsite events

Agorify is packed with great event management features to enhance yet simplify the execution of onsite events.

Registration & Ticketing

Simplify or optimize your ticketing and registration process. Minimize administrative chaos by having all information in one place.

Digital Agenda

Provide an easy-to-navigate and personalized event schedule with flexibility to access and edit at any point of time.

Event app

Provide attendees easy access to the event app from any mobile device, iOS or Android.

Chat and Q&A

Provide session specific chat and Q&A for your attendees to the topic to keep the conversation relevant to the topic.

Self Check-in & Badge Printing

Provide unparalleled smooth onsite check-in and badge printing experience to your visitors.


Get the attendees to schedule meetings based on their availability. The event app makes sure there are no double bookings.

Badge Scanning

Provide your exhibitors the possibility to scan attendees badges through the mobile app.


Provide your exhibitors or sponsors the opportunity to interact and schedule meetings with the attendes through the mobile app.

Self check-in and badge printing

Provide an unparalleled smooth event check in and badge printing for your attendees. Equip your organization with one single tool for managing pre-event communication, self-check in ticket distribution, attendee categorization, onsite self-check in and badge printing, real time check-in report, analytics and more.

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Exclusive digital agenda & community

Create a digital twin of your onsite event and boost it with pre-event and post event features and activities in the online platform. Engage your customers before the event and enable them to book meetings, chat, create discussions, share experience, comment, vote and much more.

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