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Add streaming to your online or hybrid event.


Everything you need to execute a True Hybrid event

Mobile & web app

Provide visitors easy access to your event platform from any device, mobile or web.

Native live streaming

Easily connect your onsite AV technology with Agorify and turn your venue into live stream studio.

Registration and ticketing

Provide unparalleled smooth event registration and check-in experience to your visitors. Regardless of wether they are joining your event onsite or online.

Simulated streaming

Upload pre-recoded content to Agorify and schedule when to play it for your audience.

1-2-1 video meetings

Get the visitors to book face-to-face meetings with the ability to choose between meeting onsite or online via the app.

Lead generation

Connect the onsite physical badge scanning and the online contact sharing and help exhibitors gather all their leads in one place.

Interaction & Engagement

Provide session specific chat and Q&A for your attendees to the topic to keep the conversation relevant to the topic.


800 attendeesHow many attendees does your event have?

800 attendees


10 hoursHow many hours of content does your event have?

10 hours


5 hoursHow many hours does the average attendee watch?

5 hours
  • ContentLive Encoding, Uploading and Storage
  • €149.00
  • Streaming800 attendees X 5 hours streaming
  • €800.00
  • Total cost
  • €949.00
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